Art Classes at Studios Bashall Philipps

Nick is a natural teacher and his bespoke method has been successfully adopted by a new generation of artists. His classes are informative and great fun. Nicky has a less structured approach, but her acute eye for detail encourages students to study simple objects until they see colours they never knew existed. If you are lucky enough to join their classes you’re in for a real treat.

Sara Stewart

Nick Bashall and Nicky Philipps have joined forces to open up their beautiful studios at 72 Flood Street, Chelsea to teach adults of all abilities a new skill in a beautiful environment. The sessions will be between 4.00pm and 6.00pm and 6.15pm and 8.15pm one or two evenings a week for two terms of ten weeks. Until the numbers are established the aim is to start with the Monday evening class from January 16th 2017. Nick will be the principal teacher with Nicky on hand to critique and encourage.

Teaching: Nick Bashall

Throughout his career as a painter, Nick has always taught. He welcomes students of all abilities and ages as he believes you can teach anyone to draw and paint.

His classes are enjoyable and entertaining. Whilst the teaching is professional and the students will learn a lot, it is not an intimidating experience. The studios are beautiful and historic, the environment friendly and communal.

Nick teaches the time-honoured principles of drawing and painting in a clear and logical sequence. He remembers how the London art schools he went to in the evenings while working as a trainee lawyer expected students to learn purely by trial and error. Simply being told the arm is too long or the leg too short is deeply frustrating.

In 1986, Nick discovered Jaoquin Torrents Llado's small private art school in Mallorca which taught him the body of fundamental principles. Llado had studied in the late 1960’s at the Barcelona academy where the teaching methods had continued unchanged since Picasso’s father had been a Professor there. The conservative Franco era preserved the old teaching methods whilst the rest of Europe had abandoned them.

Nick offers his students an overview of the fundamental stages:

  1. Proportion
  2. Line and Volume
  3. Dark and Light
  4. Colour

For students wanting to expand into painting portraits and the figure, you can greatly benefit from Nick’s experience as a leading portrait painter and war artist.

Having co-founded Lavender Hill Studios in 2004, Nick decided to set up his own atelier in one of the last remaining Victorian artists’ studios in Chelsea. Nicky’s studio is next door and together they can offer invaluable insight and experience to students of all abilities.

Prces & Times

Each session will be two hours. Pricing is structured for a term of 10 sessions and you can choose whether to join the afternoon or evening sessions at time of booking:

Spring Term

16th January to 20th March 2017: 4.00pm – 6.00pm and 6.15pm – 8.15pm

Summer Term

Tuesdays (due to bank holidays Tuesdays replace Mondays)
11th April to 13th June 2017: 4.00pm – 6.00pm and 6.15pm – 8.15pm

Maximum number of students per session: 20

Price: £450.00 per term (ten sessions)

Private tuition by Nick (ten sessions):

Two students (£550 per person)
Private tuition, one to one (£900)
Weekend sessions (Price on application)
One off (£90 per person per hour)

For more information, including class announcements and to book a place on one of the courses:

Beatrice Hasell McCosh
07843 047517

Lulu Wallis
01239 891 899

3 and 5 Rossetti Studios, 72 Flood Street, Chelsea, SW3 5TF