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Jamie Coreth

Fine Art Commissions are a wonderful sort of extended family to me. I’m sure I’d be heading in the wrong direction without them.

Jamie Coreth

Fine Art Commissions are a wonderful sort of extended family to me. I’m sure I’d be heading in the wrong direction without them.

Jamie Coreth

I looked at many portraits before I commissioned one, but as soon as I saw Jamie's work, it was obvious I should approach you. His pictures seemed genuine and had soft colour tones which gave them depth. I saw many of them close up during those few days in his studio which confirmed my view. I greatly admire his dedication and think him very gifted.

JHH, 2017

About Jamie Coreth

D.O.B 26/06/1989

Jamie was educated at Sherborne School before continuing his education at Oxford University. He graduated in 2010 with a degree in Archaeology and Anthropology. Jamie decided to pursue a career in painting and began studying at the London Atelier of Representational Art (LARA). He then continued his training in Florence, where he studied at Charles H. Cecil Studios and the Florence Academy of Art. In 2014 he graduated from the Academy where, alongside his own studies, he had been working as an Art History Lecturer and Assistant Tutor. In his final year Jamie was awarded the ‘Best Painting of the Year’ prize.

The intensive training he has been given from the three art schools has provided him with an invaluable set of representational skills. Jamie is now based in the UK, working as a full time artist, and divides his time between London and Wiltshire.

In June 2016 Jamie’s portrait ‘Dad Sculpting Me’ was awarded the Young Artist Award at the BP Portrait Awards, National Portrait Gallery, London. The painting depicts Jamie’s father, the sculptor Mark Coreth, sculpting Jamie. The pair ‘sat’ for their respective portraits over the course of a month, both artists worked solely from life. The judges of the BP portrait award commented, ‘we were drawn to the timeless quality of the painting and its treatment of a father and son relationship through art’.

I paint what I see from a distance; the impression of a scene observed from a few meters away. I start in a broad manner, developing the larger compositional elements before refining individual parts. I will generally repaint the head entirely a number of times until the impression conveys a balance of breadth and accuracy.

As the light conditions change and the expressions and pose of the sitter alters, I try to remain open to painting in fleeting effects. The end result becomes a representation of the sitter over a given length of time.

Jamie Coreth



If you would like to commission Jamie or would like to be sent a Portfolio of his Recent Commissions along with a Price List please e-mail jemima@fineartcommissions.com or call the Gallery on 020 7839 2792

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